has always had a fluid line-up but the hardened core consists primarily
of a curious mixture of four (4) basic elements.
In essence the Bruise Brothers are:

Kent de Boulevard
Peter Panta
Martin Dale and
Anton Maria von Wegen

Mr Kent de Boulevard is the 85th President of the United States of Flux. Otherwise known as Kent Quantum, his tastes are truly eclectic but all are generally divisible by a liberal dose of good Russian vodka and a rucksack full of French cigarettes. Since the very early years Kent has acted as the band's spokesman on housing policy and trade. A natural diplomat and gifted somnambulist, Kent has walked, talked and fought his way out of many a sticky night spot.
Anton Maria von Wegen is the enigma that's still waiting to happen. Known to Twiz fans the world over simply as 'The Particle', this band member likes to keep himself and the world guessing. Just what they should be guessing about is very often the heart of the mystery. Although a Scorpio since birth Anton has always lead a very active life. He enjoys watching other people work and likes waiting for something to turn up. However, 'The Particle' is quick to point out that life in the fast lane is only a minor addiction. 'I'd jack it in tomorrow, only I'd miss all the shallow glitz and the heart-felt insincerity'.
Peter Panta quietly carries the sobriquet of 'Michael Abacus'. You can figure out why for yourself. During his formative years Peter hung out in the carparks of some very plush LA bars and earned quite a reputation working as the straightman to the legendary Tex W. McTotty and his talking squirrel. But, alas, those kill-joys down at the LAPD weren't having any of it. Giving up on Hollywood he returned to London and the cities of the big E just in time to stumble into the first of the Twiz auditions. Without waiting for the ambulance to take away what was left of their previous manager he signed up the band and has never looked back.

Martin Dale is affectionately thought of as the English Pavarotti. It is widely believed among the cognoscenti that under the stage name of David Itllcum this particular gentleman is the 'Mr Big' behind the band called Twisility-B. It was the MD himself who, back in the era of Woodstock, conceptualised the wearing of his Y-fronts on the outside of his tuxedo. Today's kids may wonder what all the fuss was about but Ed Sullivan certainly knew, and so did the good ol' folks in the capacity crowd back on that steamy night down in Gunsmoke, Alabama.

An Historic Shot of The Twiz Gig, Wembley 1970

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