30 Years Of Twisility-B featuring
Prophets Of Time, Wild Cat Baby &
Closer To Home
The Fab & Groovy Years including
64 Clifford Road, Garage Gangsters &
House Of The Rising Damp
This Is Not America featuring
A Poke In The GTi, The Silent Toll &
This Is Not America
Another Shot Of Twisility-B including
Song For Sandie, Sweaty Bodies &
Why Don't Cats Eat The Rain?
Iaacs For Nothing More featuring
Continental Jean Queen, No Fixed Abode
& The Passions
Smash Hit Sunday including
It Was A Very Good Year, Keep It Goin', Mick!
& Massive Airport Security Clamp Down
Octosurbia '99 featuring
Dunno, Thanks For The Tent &
Song For Davie Baby
Novembasurbia including
A Larger Kind Of Smew, The UN Song &
Gravitational Fields Forever
Septembosurbia featuring
Ode To Jig's Sister, Harrods Pure Deep Overflow
& Jesus The Ganges Admiral
Twiz Enhanced including
Deep In The Heart Of The City, Into The Storm
& Daylight Come
The Strife & Times Of Duncan Twizordely
Heavens Above!, Free Nelson Mandela &
Last Night I Deampt I Was Cleo Laine
Now And Then including
Is It You, Alice, Never Any Question &
When We Were Young

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