"It's magnificent, but it isn't really music", is the famous quotation that always springs to mind when anyone starts passing the Twiz around. Yes, well, precisely darling but the really, really interesting thing about Twisility-B is that the lads have always been way out there in the van of that mad head-long lunge in the general direction of tomorrow. To be honest though, it's probably not a good idea to mention the van itself at the moment since I understand it's parked up a back alley, without number plates or tax disc, quietly rusting away as it waits for the next inter-planetary tour".

- Agnes Critchley, Thai Cooking Today

"Shoobie-doo-be-doo-wah, swing dat kilt - Twisility-B have a certain lilt. No chance with the music to be bored You know it in an instant - from the very first chord, Radio Damascus, a wailing minaret A hundred thousand pussy cats Crying in the wet. Shoobie-doo-be-do-wah, swing dat kilt - Twisility-B, up to the hilt!"

- Big Kool Daddy DJ Russ, Rap Artisté

"Twisility-B? Umm, can't say I've ever heard of him.

- Hu Kaka-Woota, Papua New Guinea Chieftain

"I've loved them all in my own special way. They are each so sweet and utterly charming. However, one wonders sometimes if fame for them (the Twiz) was such a good idea. I mean, they must enjoy having oodles of money but what about us? Now we have to share them with the likes of Sharon Groan and Joan Hollerings. It really does make one want to scream. Apparently."

- Anonymous debutante

"We go back all the way, me and those lads from the Twiz. You know wot I mean? We first met at the Tent Club when Fenton Starburst was top of the bill and Sandy Beach was doing more than just the coffee. You simply knew they wos going to make it, even then. Back-stage one night, I see the boys robbing their own manager at gunpoint. It was clear to everyone that absolutely nuffin was going to get between these loons and the bigtime. I stood aside and went back to running my launderette in Stonebridge. But those damn guys, like I really doubted New York would be big enough to hold 'em. Come to that, I'm still not sure that the planet Earth is big enough for these dudes. Odd when you think that they all, like more or less, started out in the back streets of Alperton. Got a lot to answer for, that place."

- Dwayne Slick, Dwayne And The Bwainz

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