Let's Hear It For....

By all accounts Twiz fans are a breed apart. Apparently they see and hear things that are not necessarily intended for the senses of mere mortals . They feel emotions that the human body and its apparel find all but impossible to contain. Extensive market research indicates that 93% of all true Twiz fans own their own shoes and 71.3% have recently had cause to look for them. (They were sure that they'd left them there yesterday etc etc). The significance of this will surely not be lost on all those advertising executives searching for fertile areas of growth within the on-going retail dynamic, vis-a-vis the media inductive subliminal penetration factor. On the other hand, of course, the well manicured guys in the fractal kipper ties might just be out to an extended lunch on this one.
It is perhaps interesting to note that, despite the circumstantial evidence, not all Twiz fans are paid up members of the Flat Earth Society. Take Ophelia for example, (right), she's a perfectly well adjusted all-American girl, out of Ocean City, Maryland, who just loves the works of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) and has a special regard for the 'neat' toons of Twisility-B, (1971-2003 ). Well, at least she certainly used to.
This image of Ophelia is now about 30 years old. In moments of induced sobriety the band often wonder how they managed to let her slip away. There's a free copy of their latest album for anyone who can track the lass down and bring her back on-line. What if she's married with five kids? No problem. Most of the Twiz are in the same condition. What if she doesn't want to be found? Hey! That's not very likely, now is it?
Look, Bud, d'you want that free album, or what?

Ophelia T. Strudwick

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