An age in the making...


...and now it's all but in the can. Pending a few legal niceties the block-busting world premiere of
TWIZ -THE DOCUMENTARY is practically upon us. More or less. Or just about.
Give or take a modicum of first-night nerves and ruffled underwear. (On this occasion not to be worn on the outside of the tux). Those in the know have reported that the cutting edge film, written and directed by the band , is a three-part compilation which gives a bare-knuckle insight into the history and development of the world's greatest garage band. Already nominated for eighty-three Oscars and 110 Academy Awards. TWIZ - THE DOCUMENTARY looks like touching all the right places in just the right way. It seems that Keira Knightley and her sister, Twyce, will live to rue the day they failed that 12 hour audition. Starring none other than the legendary band members themselves, in all their modest glory, the roller coaster ride from Alpertonian obscurity to Intergalactic Infamy will leave the viewer breathless but panting for more.

- Reginald Boozalot
Media Critic Fab’n’Groovy Peeps Magazine


TWIZ - THE DOCUMENTARY. Coming soon to a DVD player near you

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