In The Twiz Pipeline

Clairvoyant Tadpoles Live At Delphi
The Back Streets Of Alperton
A Time Of Ridiculous Innocence
Trying To Stay Warm On Thin Ice
It's Not Crap, It's Avant-Garde
More Than Just Moments In Time Tribute To Stephan Wunderbar
Twizablanca The Bird Man Of Twizcatraz
Raise The Ante - Lower The Tone
At The Edge It Is Jagged
Those Enid Blyton Days
Gentlemen, The Band
Boogie That Guitar
The Whores Of Perception
While You Were Out Götterdämmerung
The Road To Marrakesh
Homage To Meercatalonia Songs For Mer & Vera Lynn
Swing That Tux Between The Bar Stools of Infinity
Putting Names To Faces Twiznis As Usual
Stonned @ Scone Night Hawks Two
The Unutterable Drop All That Remains

Backing Vocals on 'Live At Delphi', 'At The Edge It Is Jagged' and 'Tribute To Stephan Wunderbar'
by The OoOOOoohh Sisters (Cadence, Winnie and Laura-Jayne Mugabe). Animal Trainer
on 'Clairvoyant Tadpoles'and 'The Bird Man Of Twizcatraz' - Dr. Desmond Morrismann.
'The Unutterable Drop' and 'All That Remains' recorded live at the Valhalla Stadium, Tyndrum.
Featuring Phil Bayliss on alto endoscope and Wuduntite B. Wonderfall on mescalinic shoe horn.

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